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I am trying to get the sum of all occurences in a column based on data in 3 other columns. I want the total number of absences (column E), based on the current school (B) and if they are FRL (C), The fly in the ointment is the 4th factor....Other ID (A), which shows individual student records.  Some kids have only one record, others have multiple records from previously enrolled schools (column E).  I'd like my formula to look at the ID, the current school and the FRL and give me a total sum of absences.

So, for example, I want to see the total number of absences for FRL kids currently at Badger Mountain Elementary, regardless of where they had those absences.

My data is attached.

Can this even be done with a formula? I'm not a complete beginner, but am very, very far from an expert.  Using Excel 2013.

Thanks in advance. 



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You can use a SUMIFS() function like this:


Put it in row 2 column F and copy it down.

This will give you the count of the absences for each "Other Id".

You will need to have another setup that lists each student with all of their ID numbers in order to correctly combine them for each student.



Thanks!  That appears to do the trick.  The Other ID is alwasy the same for each student, regardless of what school they were at, so I think this gives me what I need. Much obliged!
vonderto (rep: 4) Jan 9, '17 at 5:35 pm
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