Macro to hide multiple rows across sheet based on cell value in another sheet



I am creating a survey form which requires respondent to fill the number of feedback to be given (e.g. on 4 trainings) up to a maximum of 10 trainings. at any one time.

This cell value (no. of trainings) are to determine how many rows appear for each question.

In my survey sheet, i have 14 questions, of which each has 10 rows say A1 question A2-A11 is up to 10 trainings they attended

I want the following outcome, if respondent select 4 training, it should hide entire rows of A6-A11 for question 1, A18-A27

I've tried range(rows (n), rows (n) but it turned out to be too long and there is the separator error dialog.

Any quick wins?


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