Drop leading zeros in a cell that contains both numbers AND text


I have a column in my spreadsheet that contains a 5 digit number (the first 3  numbers are zeros which I would like to drop), and then some text. (see attached).

How can I remove the 3 leading zeros but leave everything else the same?



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UPDATED Post:  I attached my solution...used Text to columns again with your example and have the results without zeros.  The actual numbers can be formatted differently to remove the display of decimals.  Enjoy

EARLIER POST:   Is attachment AWOL? Without seeing the actual file is like driving blind.  Excel has a convert text to Columns in the Data Ribbon.  It's a place to start - its simple...there are some VBA macros that can strip numbers from mixed format.  pls provide exmaples



The attachment was not Excel, I have now added that so you should be able to see it.  I previously tried what you had suggested, and that does not work in this case.
JenS (rep: 4) Dec 15, '16 at 1:10 pm
JenS (rep: 4) Dec 16, '16 at 3:08 pm
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