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I have created a spreadsheet designed to list Missing Numbers and I need help formulating a formula to recognize the results from another formula. I currently have to

manually type in the numbers in the "Enter #'s" Column A5:A20. I want to use the formulas =B1, =Mid(B1,5,1), =Mid(B1,9,1), Right(B1,1), etc. to list the numbers that are in columns B thru G, however the formulas listed below does not recognize the numeric results produced by the formulas in column A5:A20.

Can someone help me solve this problem? Thank you in advance

=IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP(0,$A$5:$A$21,1,FALSE)),0,"") This formula is in column B row 5

=IF(ISNUMBER(MATCH(ROWS($A$5:$C5),A$5:A$20,0)),"",ROWS($A$5:$C5 )) and this formula is in Column B row 6 to 20

 Spreadsheet attached





So, how's about trying a couple different things??  1. put the 'Draws in Verticle Column (OR I have them in Rows 2~5, you can then transpose them to a single column, like I did).  2. Once you have the Transpose column, I have a list of possible numbers (0-9) in Column C8.  3. Then the frequency checker (via way of COUNTIF formula) in Column D8.  4. Then I have a Conditional Formatting rule to highlight cells with a Frequency of 0 in light red automatically.

Solution: breakdown into smaller manageable parts.  See attached.  you can change the numbers in TRANSPOSE and frequency will update automatically!

Please give me a point if I solved....I still need my first!

PS I added a new Tab with your original file


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