How Can I add time that is Higher than 24 hour and then convert the minutes to decimals


So I am have a problem in excel, where I have to add time higher that 24 hours and also convert the minutes to decimal.

so for a period of 4 months I need to total the following:

Jan - 717:21

Feb - 636:32

Mar - 825:21

Apr - 601:15

and after totaling this the minutes need to be converted to decimal.

so it would read 2780 hours and 29 minutes, but the minutes must be displayed as a decimal.



Is the time data that is to be combined already entered into the cell in a "time" format or just as plain text?
don (rep: 1960) Nov 27, '16 at 11:17 am
It is already entered into the cell in a "time format"
mckaveli (rep: 2) Nov 29, '16 at 11:07 am
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It may be preferable to work with NUMBERS. I have converted your numbers into Decimal (see attached). I had issues with the format 717:21 so I made it a decimal. At least this will give you some ideas on what to do or head you in the right direction. Good luck. ps - it would be best if you sent Sample file rather than attempt to write it in description.


Thanks a Million this helped.
mckaveli (rep: 2) Dec 1, '16 at 2:16 pm
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