how to calculate fixed one cell to many cells by using formula


how to calculate fixed one cell to many cells by using formula?

How to calculate the value of a single cell from the cell value of the different columns by formula?

for exp.: i want multiply cell "A1" to any column's cell value, but repeat above cell A1 





what formula this condition?

Shall I then copy paste the formula in the cell of the fold. 

pl z guide me.



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I believe that you may be looking for an Absolute Reference? if in your formula you hit the F4 key that will turn on absolute references.  In your example, I would...type the "=" then point to cell B1, then use the asteric " * " for the multiplication, then point to cell A1 and hit the F4 key one time (this will place dollar signs "$" before the row and Column)  the completed formula would look like = B1 * $A$1    which could e copied to another cell and it would always reference A1 in the formula.   Please look at Excel's help or google Absolute and Relative cell references for additional info (and probably a better explanation ~ but that is the best way to learn it too!)



thank you for this help. i will try this shortly. thanks again.
lakhendra (rep: 2) Nov 18, '16 at 6:05 am
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