Determine Test /fail for an test template design

How to determine test,fail observations based on the scripts outcome. (Manual testing) Here i ve Step Result with Pass , Fail and Not run. In the "TEST RESULT" i am looking for the final value based on the "STEP RESULT" Column. If all the steps are pass,then TEST RESULT --> pass if any one step is fail then TEST RESULT----> fail. if any one step is failed or not run -------> fail. Kindly appreciate ur Help. Thanks in advance



Here is a formula that will do it:


Change I6:I9 in both places to the correct range for each test.




First of  all Thanks for ur help.

Yr formula is NOT WORKING  any test Result (=IF(COUNTIF(6:9,"pass")=COUNTA(6:9),"Pass","Fail"). ichecked with this below formula for  first test results . Its showing as 0

Hey i need some kind of logical formula  which keep generating the results bydefault for rest of the cells . Not looking for editing formula (cell no ) everytime for test result .
Either even on color based also will work for me.
IF all the step result are green in Color---> test result = Pass
If any one step result is either yellow/red--> test result= fail.

Plz help me with this how to proceed further. 
Thanks alot for ur Help in advance 
mishti Nov 14, '16 at 11:49 pm
the formula that you included will not work because you reference entire rows instead of a specific cell range. Put my formula into cell K6 and try it out for that first section of 4. I just tried it again and it works for me. Once you get that working, you can apply it to the other sections with only a change of the cell reference.
don (rep: 1482) Nov 15, '16 at 9:26 am
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