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Hello experts... I have a large file where individuals fill in a location, date and time that they want a file sent to them.  There are about 20 global cities normally requesting files.  I need to convert these requested deadlines to Manila time on a master s/s.  In the next round, we can ask users to identify the date, time and timezone if this is a better method.  What formula can I use so that my excel will automatically convert the local times entered to Manila time?  Are there any specific formats we need to use.  Many thanks in advance.



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The best way to do this is to have them select their currnet time zone and then perform a lookup that points to a table listing timezones and their offsets from Manila time and adds that offset to their time.

As far as I know there is no formula to simply switch a time to another time zone without already knowing the hours and minutes that are needed for the offset.

You can add time using a formula like this:


This adds 1 hour to the time in cell A1. The first argument in the TIME() function is for the hour amount; second is for the minutes; third is for the seconds.



Thank you Don.  this was very useful.  In the end however, because of the setup of the file, we had to go with a macro but this helped us at least get there and understand what the formula needed to be.  Many thanks!
Ilana (rep: 2) Nov 22, '16 at 2:52 pm
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