ok Firstly and most importantly I am a real novice so pls be patient 

I have to set up the following excel worksheet so that the information that is filled in on sheet one automatically transfers to following sheets according to the data imput ..

for example

CODE type  date  event PLSA31156 Garden  20/11/2015 1 PLSA31157 House 08/02/2015 2 PLSA31158 Work  15/05/2015 2 PLSA31159 Garden  12/08/2016 4        

so on the following sheets i would need the information to fill automaticlly based on type like this 

type  date  event CODE Garden  20/11/2015 1 PLSA31156

but have a worksheet for each type so that I have a main sheet with all info and then 3 sheets based on Graden ; house : Work  that fill in automatically when the information goes on the main sheet ....

I hope this makes sense , I dont know if this is asking too much 

many thanks for any help 




Would be much better if you could attach a worksheet as per your description.



ok here is an example of what I would need i hope I have uploaded the file  so here is the basic idea 
  The info filled in on overview page if the main view tha action of filling in page one      would then copy the relevant info on the following pages , HOUSE ; GARDEN WORK etc and so on for each TYPE .. I have made a very simple example of my overview page which in reality counts with over 243 lines which I would need to sort into the four type pages so to easy oversee which events occur in which places and on what dates ... 
I hope this is a bit clearer MANY THANKS
NICK Nov 14, '16 at 6:23 am
Thanks for editing.....So I think that you have a Master sheet and by this you want to make some some sheets like HOUSE ; GARDEN WORK etc and so on for each TYPE. Seems I am not wrong over Here. If yes please let me know so that I can prepare this one.
ANAND KUMAR (rep: 5) Nov 16, '16 at 1:59 am
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