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I am building a spreadsheet that tracks the amout of days an item has been on order. I have found both formulas to count the amout of days from a date and between two days but I have not found a formula that does them both. What Im looking for is to be able to enter in an order date and have the days count till I enter a received date which would be the amout of time between dates.

For the bonus question.... I would also like the row to highlight a color to viusually note received.

All help is welcome and appreciated!!!




If i understand your question, you're looking for DateDif - the formula that calculates the difference between 2 dates.  Please look up how to use the formula (under help) to gain insight how to use it.  The example is in the attached file.  My recommendation, is to force in 'todays' date (which will change....DAILY!) by using  "=NOW()" in the column.

 =DateDif(earlierDate, moreRecentDate, "d")  [the 'd' shows number of days between the two dates.

For the highlighting you could either use Conditional Formatting OR filter the data to show the Date Received (you can hide blank cells) and then color this column that has dates in it.

see attached file


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