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I need to know how I can send an auto email reminder. My data is inside excel and I want the email to be sent through outlook automaticly.

for example:

in cell C2, the cell countains IF function where 

the value of cell will be either ok , waiting or late.

I want  excel to send an email automatically theough outlook to  the concern person when the value cell C2 is late.

 I have total 5 person where Iam selecting their 

names from drop down list located in D2. 

When I have new information.

i will move to next row ans so on.

Know, for example

I entered my data in second row. Then entered Selected the concern person from drop down list, then C coulm shows late. How excel can send an automatic mail to the person whom selected in the Cell D to remind him about bla bla bla.

thank you  




I'll help you first by pointing you to our tutorials that cover these topics.

First you need to get a macro to run when the cell shows the "late" value.

Next, the email macro:

Email List of People from Excel Using a Macro

I edited the macro to work on a speicifc cell:

Sub Send_Email_to_List()

Dim OL As Object, MailSendItem As Object
Dim MsgTxt As String
Dim xCell as Range

Set OL = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")

xCell = Range("A1")

    user_email = xCell.Value
    user_subject = "Subject Line for the Email"
    user_msg = Cells(xCell.Row, 2).Value

    Set MailSendItem = OL.CreateItem(olMailItem)

    With MailSendItem
        .Subject = user_subject
        .Body = user_msg
        .To = user_email
    End With

Set OL = Nothing

End Sub

In your case, you will probably want to pass the cell value that contains the email address to the email macro and here is a tutorial that shows you how to do that:

Pass Values from One Macro to Another Macro


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