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Good day all, i used the formula =if(y5="yes",if(d5="",now(),d5),""), but every time i click on a different tic box the time changes, I need the click on a tic box and the date and time gets stamped on the line with out changing when i click on a different tic box on the same sheet, can you assist



Please include a sample file that shows what you are trying to do.
MRVMV (rep: 52) Oct 12, '16 at 7:38 am
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As MRVMV said, you will need to include a sample file to be able to more specifically help you.

However, in general, I can tell you that you will need a macro to do this and it could look something like this:

Sub insert_time()

Range("A1").Value = Now()

End Sub

You can run this to see how it works but it will, of course, have to be altered in order to work in your workbook. When you upload the sample file I can give you more specific help.


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