Recipe contain ML / Gram shows the consuming in Packets or Tin or Bottle


I have made a excel sheet in which i am maintaining recipes, i have inventory master sheet where all the products name and its gramage and liters input with price and purchasing units are maintained. my issue is when a recipe consumed for e.g Vinegar in ML or a butter in grams the formula show how much bottle or packet you need and how much bottle or packet you need to order from your store.

iam giving par level in my excel program, like 6 bottles or packets required for the day. when the consuming amount is equal to the packet or bottle size its automatically minus it from the given par and shows the order amount....

E.g ,,,, by selling a recipe the recipe consumed 200ml from a bottle contain 700ml ,,, so its means 0.7% bottle still remaining, and my par is 6 bottles , so 5.7 bottles remaining in my stock. and my minimum par is 3 bottles,, when reach to minimum par its show 3 bottle to order to maintain your stock.

Please help ,, will highly appreciated.


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