Formula not updating on the spreadsheet


Hi all,

I have a strange issue that is doubtless simply answered by those knowing Excel vastly better than I do!

I have a spreadsheet with a number of formulas. I have just updated the formula in once cell (AO7 in the attached wbook), buit the answer when I close is not updating. However, if I look at the formula through "Insert Function" it is showing the correct answer.

The spreadsheet shows the FV in this case 5,240,000 wheras the correct answer is 5,536,732.

If you use Insert Function it shows 5,536,732 with the correct PV of 5,283,141.

The cells below AO8 downwards are working their calculations from the wrong answer of 5,240,000.

I hope that explains it relatively clearly.

Any help/advice greatly appreciated.




I think I have found the issue. Looks like a circular formula of sorts, but Excel hasn't highlighted.

Just got to work out a new formula!


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