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Hi All,

I am new to VBA and banging my head for days now to find something suitable for summarizing column level data in my workbook from all the worksheets. Please help as I need to automate this ASAP !!

I have included the workbook with raw data & workbook with desired result including following steps in a tab:

1 Rename worksheets for month contained in cell B3
2 create a "Summary" worksheet
3 Copy column B from any of the two worksheets (just need the row headings) & paste it in column B of "Summary" worksheet
4 Search all worksheets in the workbook for "headers in row 6" & paste the headers in a new worksheet "Classes" excluding "total" column
5 Compare the headers in row 6 e.g. Class A, Class B etc. and list these for each worksheet highlighting any changes from one to next (e.g. column H is different in Apr worksheet)
6 Copy all the column headers from worksheet "Classes" so that no header is repeatedĀ 
7 Search all the unique column headers from worksheet "Classes" within row 6 of all the month worksheets in the workbook and copy the whole column for each column headerĀ 
8 Paste these columns in "Summary" worksheet
9 Pasted columns should be side by side e.g. "Class A from Apr worksheet" should be pasted beside "Class A from May worksheet"
10 Add name of the worksheet in a blank row in the "Summary" sheet for each column to identify source worksheet
11. would be great if a hyperlink can be created for each column header



Duude, not doing your homework. If you need help on a specific question, then post a question about that and you will get help.
don (rep: 1521) Sep 26, '16 at 12:41 pm
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