How to clear drop down list contents based on contents of another cell



I am using open office calc (apache) and in my document

I have a number of dropdown lists e.g dropdown list 1 has the following entries:

Not Selected



In another worksheet of the same document I ask various questions (say to some sales people) e.g (in cell A6):

Q1) Would you like your machine to have heating? 

The sales person can then choose (in cell B6) any of the above mentioned (e.g Not selected or Yes or No)

Now If the next question is not relevant to the question answeared before ideally I would like to be able to make invisible the question and also its accociated dropdown list. 

e.g Question in cell A7:

Q2) Choose Heating Brand (Dropdown list 2 options (e.g in B7) are: Brand A; Brand B; Brand C etc)

I have found a way to make contents of A7 invisible using IF then else statements

e.g =IF(B6="Yes";"Choose Heating Brand";"")

However B7 would be expecting from the sales person an answear e.g

Brand A; Brand B; Brand C

Idealy I am looking for a way to clear the dropdown list contents since Q2 been invisible.

I am looking for the easiest solution, hopefully not involving macros (if possible) since

I am new into excel programming however I have programming skills in C/C++, ladder, etc.

Any answear/suggestion could even be in microsoft excel 2010 or openoffice 365 

Thanks for your time and help



Well I would say that your current method or a macro is the easiest solution. This site is for Excel though, not Open Office, so if you can include a sample Excel file, it will be much easier to point you in the right direction.
don (rep: 1969) Sep 8, '16 at 10:21 pm
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