Help summarizing 12 months data


Hi Guys,

I have probably simple problem if you can help. 

- I have to summarize the 12 months data on one worksheet
- I have twelve monthly worksheets in a spreadsheet (I have attached two months + summary sheet as a sample in the file)
- Currently I am manually linking each figure
- I want a formula or a macro that go to each month spreadsheet and copy the relevant numbers e.g. subscription or redemptions and include it on the summary tab
- I am not sure if I will make excel find the heading in the very first column and then ask to fetch a number in specific column ? If you can suggest that a formula / code goes to each month worksheet search for two citieria e.g. column heading and row label (Class A & Additions) and return a number in the summary sheet from a specific column
- If you can tell me pattern for one figure say Additions for two months I will be able to replicate it for 12 months

Many thanks !



Can you combine all months data onto one worksheet? Or import each new month onto the same sheet? Then you could use relatively simple formulas to pull the data into the Summary sheet.
don (rep: 1382) Sep 7, '16 at 3:20 pm
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