New Service

After much work behind the scenes, we have come up with a new service that will serve the professional market, where you need answers quickly and securely.

This is what we came up with:

Remote Support for Microsoft Office

Our consultants securely connect to your computer, solve your task, and leave you free to work.


  • Increased productivity.
  • Save time.
  • Focus on your work instead of solving problems in MS Office.

How it Works

  • Contact us, via email or your account with us.
  • Our consultants send a screen sharing link to you.
  • Once you click the link, you can show the consultant the issue on your computer and talk to them.
  • If the task is simple, it will be completed then and there.
  • If the task requires more time, you can go about your work while the consultant solves the issue.

Key Points


  • Repsonse times within 1 hour (guaranteed with a Service Level Agreement)
  • Consultants are Level III; this increases the speed with which your issue can be solved.


  • All connections are encrypted and secured.
  • File transfers can be done via an encrypted connection or email.
  • Our consultants work in a secured office where not even cell-phones are allowed.

We are actively working on getting this service up and running and would like to offer you the chance to provide input and ask questions.

Your Feedback

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If you have any additional thoughts, comments, or questions, please let us know!