Remove (Delete) Hyperlinks from Worksheets

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This macro will remove all hyperlinks from the active worksheet. It will delete the hyperlinks but it will not delete the text of the link. This means that you will still have all of the text left over but without the links to the websites. This is a great macro to use in excel if you import a lot of data from the web or if you import lists of emails or web addresses but do not want them to actually retain their hyperlinks.

This macro will work on the entire active worksheet, you do not need to select any cells.

Where to install the macro:  Module

Remove (Delete) Hyperlinks from Worksheets

Sub Remove_All_Hyperlinks()

'Removes hyperlinks from the active worksheet
'Does not delete the hyperlink text, only the link to the site

Do Until ActiveSheet.Hyperlinks.Count = 0
End Sub

How to Install the Macro
  1. Select and copy the text from within the grey box above.

  2. Open the Microsoft Excel file in which you would like the Macro to function.

  3. Press "Alt + F11" - This will open the Visual Basic Editor - Works for all Excel Versions.  Or For other ways to get there, Click Here.

  4. On the new window that opens up, go to the left side where the vertical pane is located. Locate your Excel file; it will be called VBAProject (YOUR FILE'S NAME HERE) and click this.

  5. If the Macro goes in a Module, Click Here, otherwise continue to Step 8.

  6. If the Macro goes in the Workbook or ThisWorkbook, Click Here, otherwise continue to Step 8.

  7. If the Macro goes in the Worksheet Code, Click Here, otherwise continue to Step 8.

  8. Close the Microsoft Visual Basic Editor window and save the Excel file. When you close the Visual Basic Editor window, the regular Excel window will not close.

  9. You are now ready to run the macro.

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