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The new Ribbon Interface is simply hell and unless you have never used Excel before you will most likely hate the new menu system. The big difference is that everything is now in a graphical interface; and, this inevitably means that everything is in a different place. Even simply things become hell, such as finding out how to print an Excel spreadsheet with formulas shown.

One solution is to learn how to use the Ribbon menu system and simply live with it. Now, that seems like a rather bleek and unproductive way to go about things. If you will be using the Ribbon interface, I suggest checking out Microsoft's online guide. This gives you a visual representation of the old Excel menus and allows you to click what you want; it will then bring up the Excel 2007 Ribbon style menu and show you the location of the command. This is a very helpful tool and I higly recommend it.

To view Microsoft's interacive Ribbon syle menu guide, Click Here.

Another solution to this problem is to download software that puts the old Excel menus back into Excel 2007. A number of software companies have come out with a menu interface which replicates that of Excel 2003. The way this works is that another tab is added to the Ribbon interface and, when this tab is clicked, a menu system which looks and acts like the one for Excel 2003 appears. There, you can find everything where you left it in Excel 2003 and you will not be wasting time looking for commands or trying to figure out how to do simple tasks.

Go from this:

Excel 2007 Ribbon Menu

To this:

Excel 2007 with Classic Menus

There are a number of options to choose from to get your old menu system back and, really, any of them will do the job. A good and cheap one that I would recommend is by Addintools.com. You can download the trial version below or purchase it at Addintools.com. To find out more about this product check the links below.

Classic Menus for Excel 2007
This is a program which puts the old menu format back into Excel 2003. It is not free, about $16, but it will save you a ton of time and many headaches.

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Classic Menus for All of Office 2007
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