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Excel Macro VBA Tip 10 - Enter Array Formulas into Cells in Excel with a Macro

Learn to input array formulas into cells using a macro in Excel. This is important because you cannot enter array formulas into cells with the normal formula or value functions. You will learn how to enter the array formulas using a macro and this method allows you to avoid having to enter "ctrl + shift + enter" every time you input an array formula.

This Excel vba tutorial shows you how to use a vba macro to automatically create an array formula in cells. When working with many cells, this will really help to speed up your work.
   Topics Covered
Excel VBA - Excel Macros
Enter array formulas using macros in Excel.
How to enter an array formula with a macro and still get the curly braces "{" and "}" around the formula.
   Difficulty:         Intermediate
   Video:               Yes

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