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Excel Macro VBA Tip 5 - Learn How to Input Values, Text, Numbers, and Formulas into Cells in Excel

This tutorial shows you how to input values, text, numbers, and formulas into cell in Microsoft Excel using macros and vba. You will learn how to use ranges and copy formulas to a large range of cells as well as input values into any cell on the worksheet. You will also learn how to quickly create a spreadsheet template using macros in excel.

This Excel vba tutorial is simple and easy to use and will allow you to quickly edit your spreadsheets using an Excel macro.
   Topics Covered
Excel VBA - Excel Macros
Input values into cells using a macro in Excel.
Edit a spreadsheet using an Excel macro.
Using the value input feature of Excel vba and Excel macros.
   Difficulty:         Intermediate
   Video:               Yes

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