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Excel Lookup & Search Tip 8 - Vlookup with Lookup Values that Have Extra Values in the Cell in Excel

This Excel Video Tutorial shows you how to use the VLOOKUP() function with lookup values that have prefixes on them. This means that you will be able to search a data base for parts of the characters or text within a cell. This tutorial is very useful for people who do not have control over source data and or often import external data such as from CSV files and need to use only part of the imported values to search a data table. You will learn how to use the LEFT() and RIGHT() text manipulation functions in Excel in order to achieve the desired outcome.
   Topics Covered
VLOOKUP() in Excel.
Complex Vlookup on lookup values that have a prefix.
LEFT() & RIGHT() Text editing functions used within the Vlookup function.
Search Databases in Excel.
   Difficulty:         Intermediate
   Video:               Yes

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