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Excel Lookup/Search Tip 5 - Vlookup - IFERROR with Vlookup to Assign Values Instead of Errors

Use the new IFERROR() function in Excel 2007 in conjunction with the VLOOKUP() function in order to never have to see another error displayed in Excel. The IFERROR() function allows you to display whatever default value you want in a cell if the original formula returns an error. This is an example of a nested function or formula since the Vlookup function is actually placed inside of the Iferror function. The IFERROR function is a great addition to Excel 2007 and should be learned by everyone who uses Excel.
   Topics Covered
IFERROR() Function in Excel.
VLOOKUP() Function in Excel.
Assign default values instead of errors for functions in Excel.
Quickly remove errors from functions and formulas in Excel 2007.
   Difficulty:         Easy
   Video:               Yes

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