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Count Cells That Only Contain Text in Microsoft Excel

This Excel video tutorial shows you how to write a formula which will count the cells in a list which contain text. The problem is that, often times, you may have a list in Excel which contains text and numbers throughout; when this is the case, you can't count only the text cells without also counting the number cells. This may seem like a very straightforward thing to do, however, Microsoft Excel does not provide one function which can do just this. That means that we need to combine two separate count functions in order to count just the cells which contain text. The functions needed to do this are the COUNT() and COUNTA() functions in Excel.

This is a short yet useful tutorial which will help to save you some time when you need to count cells within a list which contain text within Excel.
   Topics Covered
Count Only the Text Cells within a List
Count Cells in a List in Excel
   Difficulty:         Easy
   Video:               Yes

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