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Make Dynamic (Automatically Updating) References in Formulas and Functions in Excel

This excel vidoe tutorial shows you how to make a truly dynamic range reference in Microsoft Excel. This will allow you to create a formula or enter a function that will have a range reference that will automatically update and adjust whenever you add or subtract data from a list or range. This means that if you add another day or number in a list, this will be included in all of your existing formulas without you having to update anything. This is a great technique to learn which will save you loads of time and also help to prevent errors when updating spreadsheets. This tutorial uses the OFFSET(), COUNT(), and SUM() functions in excel.
   Topics Covered
Create Dynamic Formulas and Functions in Excel
Save time when updating spreadsheets with dynamic formulas
Automatically Update Data for Formulas and Functions
Dynamic Range and List References in Excel
   Difficulty:         Intermediate
   Video:               Yes

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