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Generate Random Numbers (Integers) in Microsoft Excel

This Excel video tutorial shows you how to generate random numbers (integers) in excel. This also shows you how to create lists of randomly generated numbers. This allows you to create very useful simulation and projection models within excel and gives you some sense of the range that certain variables might have within such models. This tutorial also shows you how to update the random numbers using the "F9" key.

Specifically, the RANDBETWEEN() function used here will allow you to generate a random number that is between some lower limit and some upper limit. This means you will have to set a range for the random number - i.e. between 5 & 25 or ! & 1000000 etc.
   Topics Covered
Generate Random Numbers (Integers) in Excel
Create Lists of Random Numbers
Use the F9 key to update and 'refresh' the random numbers
   Difficulty:         Easy
   Video:               Yes

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