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Dynamically Updated Vlookup Table in Microsoft Excel

This Microsoft Excel tutorial shows you how to make a dynamically updating vlookup formula. After viewing this tutorial, you will be able to write a vlookup formula that will always include the most up to date data in the table you are searching.

This trick allows you to dynamically increase the size of the vlookup table, within the vlookup formula itself, automatically. This means that if another record or more data is added to the table, the vlookup formula automatically readjusts to include the new information. This is a great tutorial and it does assume that you already know how to make a vlookup formula on its own.
   Topics Covered
Make Dynamic Vlookup Formulas
Vlookup Formulas Where the Vlookup Table automatically updates its size references when new entries are added.
OFFSET() & COUNTA() Functions
Dynamic Vlookup Table Size
   Difficulty:         Intermediate
   Video:               Yes

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