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Absolute and Relative Cell References
   - & INDIRECT() Function Introduction

This is a video tutorial for Microsoft Excel which shows you how to make absolute and relative cell references in excel. Absolute cell references mean that when you enter a formula into one cell, and then copy and move that formula, the cell references within that formula will still point to the cell which the original formula points. If the references are relative and you move a formula from one cell to another, the cell references within that formula will change by the same number of rows and columns shifted from the original position of the formula. This may seem a little confusing, but the video will clear this up with examples.

The INDIRECT() function is a way to make a sort of 'super' absolute cell reference. If you use this function, the cell reference will always point to where it is specified within the formula and will never change if you move the formula, no matter what. There are many other more advanced applications of the INDIRECT() function, but this tutorial only illustrates the simple application of making absolute cell references.
   Topics Covered
Absolute Cell References and what they are
Relative Cell References and what they are.
INDIRECT() Function & Absolute Cell References
   Difficulty:         Easy
   Video:               Yes

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