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Highline Excel Class 13: Text functions & AMPERSAND

See how to transform data into useful data using formulas and Text functions such as; TRIM, PROPER, SUBSTITUTE, REPLACE, FIND, and LEFT. See how to use the ampersand and the CONCATENATE function to join data. See how to speed up slow calculating spreadsheets with a concatenated column that joins three criteria and makes conditional (criteria) summing (adding) quicker.

See how to: 1) create upper case for the first letter of each word, 2) extract only the last name, 3) extract only the first name, 4) get rid of extra spaces, 5) sum with 3 criteria using the ampersand and the CONCATENATION function.

This is a beginning to advanced Excel class taught at Highline Community College by Mike Gel excelisfun Girvin Busn 214 BTech 109

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