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Highline Excel Class 26: Fixing Other Peoples Spreadsheets

See a spreadsheet with 16 problems. See how to use Spreadsheet Construction guidelines to fix the spreadsheet.:
1)Center Across Selection instead of Merge and Center
2)Formulas instead of text
3)Do not hard code variable numbers in formulas, but instead use formula inputs in an assumption area
4)When to use ROUND function
5)When to use Mixed Cell References instead of Absolute or Relative Cell References
6)Use SUM instead of plus sign
7)Indicate units with Currency Format
8)Show decimals with Currency format
9)Show decimals with Percentage format
10)Change dates as text to dates as serial numbers
11)Change column width
12)Format table
This is a beginning to advanced Excel class taught at Highline Community College by Mike Gel excelisfun Girvin Busn 214 BTech 109

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