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Highline Excel Class 53: Relative & Absolute Macro Recorder

Learn about:
1.Relative & Absolute button in the Developer Ribbon
2.The fact that the Relative & Absolute button governs selection movement when recording a Macro
3.The fact that the cell references in Formulas created during a Recorded Macro are governed by the dollar signs
4.When to record an Absolute Marco
5.When to record an Relative Marco
6.When to Record a Relative & Absolute Macro
7.How to create a formula during a recorded Macro that will pick up a variable number of cells
8.How to trick the Absolute Macro into recording a Relative Movement using keyboard shortcuts
9.A Macro for formatting a report and adding a column of formulas for a static range of data
10.A Macro for taking data in columns and moving it to a row
11.A Macro for formatting a report and adding a column of formulas for a variable range of data
This is a beginning to advanced Excel class taught at Highline Community College by Mike Gel excelisfun Girvin Busn 214 BTech 109

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