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Office 2010 Class #19: Excel Intro Project 02: Formulas, Charts, Page Setup Net Income

Download files at: https://people.highline.edu/mgirvin/AllClasses/216_2003/216/busn216.htm

Topics Covered in Video:
1. Stylistic Formatting
a. Fill Color
b. Font Color
c. Borders
2. Format Cells Dialog box Number tab
a. Number Formatting
i. Currency
3. Delete
a. For deleting cell content, use Delete key, not Right-click Delete.
4. Formulas with:
a. Formula Inputs are in An assumption Table
b. Equal Sign
c. Relative Cell References
d. Absolute Cell References
e. * for Multiplying
5. Charts
a. Insert Ribbon tab, Charts Group
b. Column Chart
c. Add Chart Title: Chart Tools Layout Ribbon tab, Labels group, Chart Title button
6. The beauty of Excel: When formula and chart inputs are changed, everything updates in the workbook!!!
7. Page Setup:
a. Keyboard = Alt, P, S, P
b. We looked at:
i. Page tab
ii. Margins tab
iii. Header/Footer tab

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