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Excel Magic Trick 452: IF Function Formula 16 Examples

1-4) IF function To Put Label on Income Statement. See four different Logical Tests for the same result.
5) IF function using comparative Operator to put one of two formulas in a cell
6) 2 IF functions in one formula (Multiple IF functions)
7) IF function to see if two columns are in Balance
8) IF function to see if accounts are in Balance from different Sheets
9) IF function formula to show or hide a formula
10-11) IF function formulas to see if Invoice or Loan in Past Due
12) IF function for column in data set to determine which products are stored IN house and which ones are OUT oh House. See the NOT operator in a formula.
13) IF function to calculate Commission Bonus
14-15) Multiple IF functions in one formula, then switch to VLOOKUP or LOOKUP
16) IF array formula for MEDIAN calculation

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