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Excel Magic Trick 485: Create Shorthand to speed up typing using AutoCorrect

See how to use Excel AutoCorrect to create shorthand to speed up typing. For example when you type hcc and then space, Highline Community College will appear.

Create Shorthand in Excel

1) Click on the Office Button (2007) or File tab (2010) (upper left corner)
2) Click on Excel Options (lower right corner)
3) On the left click on the Proofing tab
4) Add any shorthand that you would like
5) Click OK on AutoCorrect Options button
6) Click OK on Excel Options dialog box

1) Excel 2003: Tools, menu, Auto Correct Options
2) Click on the AutoCorrect Options tab
3) Add any shorthand that you would like
4) Click OK on AutoCorrect Options button

Keyboard shortcut for Excel Options in all versions:
Alt + T + O

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