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Excel Magic Trick 498: 6 PivotTable Calculation Tricks (Pivot Table)

Use PivotTable to Group Numbers, calculate Frequency, % Total, Cumulative Total, % Cumulative Total. See how to:
1. PivotTable (Pivot Table)
2. Group Integers in PivotTable
3. Count numbers
4. use "% of Column Total" in "Value Field Settings" "Show values as" tab
5. use "Running Total in" in "Value Field Settings" "Show values as" tab
6. use "% Running Total in" in "Value Field Settings" "Show values as" tab, which is new to Excel 2010
New Excel 2010 PivotTable Pivot Table Feature "% Running Total in.

Also see this video:
Excel Statistics 26: Cumulative Freq. Dist w Pivot Table (Running Total)

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