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Excel Magic Trick #502: Excel Date Formatting & Calculations (21 Examples)

See how to:
1.Dates in Excel are whole numbers - called serial numbers. Example: 1, 2, 3, 40900, 40901.
2.The numbers represent the number of days since Dec 31, 1899.
3.The first day in Excel's world is Jan 1, 1900
4.Dates Show Date Number Format
5.Custom Date Number Format
6.Number of days invoice past due
7.Loan Maturity Date
8.Project finish date
9.Number of days alive
10.Last day in this month, last month, next month
11.TODAY function, NOW function
12.DAY function, MONTH function, YEAR function
13.DATE function
14.EDATE function
15.EOMONTH function
16.Calculate days in current month
17.WORKDAY function to calculate future date
18.NETWORKDAYS function to calculate working days between two dates
19.Fill Weekdays only with Smart Tag
20.Formula to increment dates
21.TEXT function to make date labels

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