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Office 2010 Class #22: Excel Formulas: Math Operators and Order Of Operations

Download files at: https://people.highline.edu/mgirvin/AllClasses/216_2003/216/busn216.htm
The Excel 2010 Basics Series shows a systematic description of what Excel can do from beginning to end.
Topics Covered In Video:
1) Excel operator symbols
2) Parenthesis is ()
3) Exponent is ^
4) Multiplication is *
5) Division is /
6) Adding is +
7) Subtracting is --
8) Order of Operations
9) Complete list of how Excel Evaluates formulas
10) Excel 2003: Formula Evaluator: Tools, Formula Auditing, Formula Auditing
11) Excel 2007: Formula Evaluator: Formula Ribbon, Formula Auditing group, Formula Auditing icon

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