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Excel Lookup Series #13: INDEX & MATCH functions Example 3!

See how to use the INDEX & 3 MATCH functions in one formula to look up a value from 1 of 3 different tables! Also see how adding Names & a Data Validation Drop-down List can make the INDEX & MATCH functions more accurate. Also see how to use Custom Number Formatting for a formula input number. See how to correct a formula using Formula Evaluator.

See how the Amazing INDEX function can lookup values from different tables! See how we can tell the INDEX function a Row #, a Column# & a Table# and it will retrieve a value from 1 of three different tables.

See how to make an invoice shipping charge formula when you have a complicated lookup requirement.

In this Series learn 15 amazing ways to look things up in Excel. We will look at the functions VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, LOOKUP, MATCH, INDEX, CHOOSE, and the non-function lookup formula using the intersector operator. We will look at simple lookups all the way to complicated, yet efficient methods to look things up in Excel.

This is a logical (beginning to end) story about most of the lookup situations you may encounter in Excel.

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