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Excel Finance Trick 14: NPV function Capital Invest Decision

You can use the NPV function when the cash flows are of different amounts but the time periods between cash flows is the same.

When an asset DOES NOT have an annuity cash flow pattern, you can use the NPV function for Capital Investment Decision.

Asset Valuation with Discounting Cash Flow Analysis.

In This Series learn 17 amazing Finance Tricks. Learn about the PMT, PV, FV, NPER, RATE, SLN, DB, EFFECT, NOMINAL, NPV, XNPV, and the CUMIPMT functions that can make your financing tasks much easier in Excel. See how to use the PMT function in the standard way, but also see how to use it while incorporating a Balloon payment or a delayed payment. Lean how to translate a Nominal interest rate into an Effective Interest rate. Learn how to calculate how long it takes to pay off a credit card balance. Lean how to calculate the Effect Rate on a Payday loan. And many more financing Tricks!!

The Excel Finance Tricks 1-17 will show an assortment of Excel Financing Tricks!

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