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Excel Magic Trick 689: Fill Column With 1 to 1000 Two Methods: 1) Series & 2) GoTo

See 2 methods to quickly fill a column with the numbers 1 to 1000:
Series Method:
1) type number 1 into cell A1 and Ctrl + Enter to keep cell selected
2) right-click fill-handle, drag to cell A2, drag back to A1, let go of right-click
3) In pop-up drop-down menu click on "Series..."
4) Select options button for "Series in"
5) Enter a "Stop value" of 1000
6) Hit Enter
GoTo Method:
1) Enter formula in cell
2) Copy Cell
3) Hit F5 for GoTo
4) Enter cell address: B1000
5) Hold Shift
6) Hit Enter
7) Use Ctrl + V to Paste formula into selected range

Download file: http://flightline.highline.edu/mgirvin/ExcelIsFun.htm

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