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Excel Magic Trick #173: Time Over or Under (Negative Time)

See how to show Negative time with the "Use 1904 date system". See how to create a formula that will show the time over or under a hurdle.
The IF function uses a logical test to put one of two things into a cell.
The OR function allows you to have multiple logical tests and if any one (at least one) comes out to be TRUE, then the OR function delivers a TRUE.
To add Custom Format, Ctrl + 1 (to open Format Cells Dialog Box), click on the number tab, click on Custom.
To change the settings to "Use 1904 date system": 1) Excel 2003, go to Tools menu, Options, Calculation tab, then check "Use 1904 date system"; 2) Excel 2007: Office Button, Excel Options, then click on the Advanced tab on the left, then scroll down to "When calculating this workbook", then check "Use 1904 date system".

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