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Excel Magic Trick #208 Ctrl + Enter 6 Examples Of Efficiency

See how to use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Enter to gain efficiencies when creating Excel Spreadsheets. Save time when creating spreadsheets by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Enter.
1) If one cell is highlighted and you type a word or formula, when you hit Ctrl + Enter, the word or formula gets put in the cell and the cell remains highlighted. This is efficient when you want to put the word or formula in the cell and then immediately do something to the cell like copy it or format it.
2) If more than one cell is highlighted and you type a word or formula in the active cell, when you hit Ctrl + Enter, all the cells are populated with the word or formula. This is true even if you have non-contiguous cells highlighted.
Active Cell is the cell in the highlighted range that is a light color
Non-contiguous cells means cells that are not right next to each other; example A1:A3, C2:D4.
If you want to edit a bunch of formulas that are all the same, highlighting the whole range, hitting F2 to put the active cell formula into edit mode, editing the formula, and then hitting Ctrl + Enter is efficient

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