Run a Macro from Another Macro in Excel

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I will show you how to run a macro from another macro in Excel.  This means that you can run any macro when you need to from a completely separate macro.

This is actually very simple!

Use Call in VBA.

Here is the macro we want to call or run using another macro:

Sub Macro_2()


MsgBox "Hi!"


End Sub

And here is the macro that will call or run this macro:

Sub Macro_1()


'call the second macro

Call Macro_2


End Sub

It is as simple as that.  Put Call in front of the name of the macro that you want to run.

Here is a screenshot of these two macros in Excel:

Download the spreadsheet for this tutorial, from below or the side-bar of this page, and you can test out these macros.


Downloadable Files: Excel File

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