Remove Print Preview Lines in Excel

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Here's how to remove the little dotted lines that sometimes appear on the spreadsheet.

Specifically, this deals with removing or hiding the print preview lines that appear in Excel after you have adjusted a setting for printing but then gone back to the normal view of the spreadsheet.

Here, you can see the annoying print preview dotted lines between columns I and J:

Steps to Remove Print Preview Lines

  1. Click the File button (Office button in Excel 2007):
  2. Go down to the Options item on the menu on the left and click that (Excel Options in Excel 2007):
  3. Go to the Advanced section in the left column:
  4. Uncheck the item Show page breaks

  5. Click OK and that's it!


This only works on the currently visible worksheet.  If you want to hide the print preview lines on other worksheets, you will have to do that separately for each one.

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