Remove Gridlines from Only Part of a Worksheet in Excel

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How to remove gridlines from a part of a worksheet in Excel instead of the entire worksheet or workbook.

This is important when you want the gridlines to be everywhere on the worksheet except for designated areas and it is really easy to do with a quick formatting trick in Excel.

Here is a worksheet with gridlines removed from only part of the worksheet:


To achieve this result, simply follow these steps:

Select the cells where you dont want any gridlines to appear:


Right-click and select the Format Cells option:


Go to the Fill tab and look under where it says Background Color and select the white tile:


Then, hit the OK button and you will have a section of the spreadsheet that no longer has gridlines!



To do this in Excel 2003, follow these steps:

Select the desired cells and go to Format > Cells... > Patterns > Color and then check the white box and hit OK.


I hope this tutorial was helpful! 

You can download the Excel file used in this tutorial either below or from the menu on the right.

Downloadable Files: Excel File

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