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Quickly Copy the Last Action to Multiple Cells in Excel

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In the previous tutorial I talked about the Redo button in Excel and how using Ctrl + Y can be used to do the same thing. I also mentioned that Ctrl + Y has an additional functionality to repeat actions as well as redo. So if I change the colour of the text in cell  A1, click on cell B2 and press Ctrl + Y. The action of formatting the text in cell A1 is repeated to cell B1. The text in cell B1 then also becomes red:


This feature doesnt just work on individual cells. It can be used to repeat formatting on multiple cells at the same time. After formatting the text in cell B1 to red I can go and select the cells C5, C6 and C7 (This is commonly referenced in Excel as cells C5:C7).


I then press Ctrl + Y and the text in all of the selected cells turns red as well.


This makes formatting changes quick and easy.

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Downloadable Files: Excel File