Quickly Convert Formulas into Their Output Values in Excel

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This tutorial teaches you how to convert a formula or function into its displayed output in Excel.

This is very important and useful when you want to freeze a formula or function so that its output value cannot change.

There is a very simply set of keyboard shortcuts that allows you to do this:

First, select the desired functions/formulas then hit:

Ctrl + C and then Alt + E + S + V and then hit Enter

So, Ctrl + C > Alt + E + S + V > Enter

Do this quickly and it will seamlessly convert all selected formulas/functions to their output value.

All we are really doing is copying the cells then pasting-special their values in place of the functions/formulas.

Here is a sample:

We have the RAND() function here and each time we update the spreadsheet (F9) these values will change:

Now, lets make these values hard-coded.

First, select the cells:

Hit Ctrl + C

Then hit Alt + E + S + V and you will see this screen:

Hit OK and you are done!

Now you can see that these values are actually numbers instead of the function RAND().

Download the spreadsheet that comes with this tutorial and you can follow the steps listed above.

I hope this helps! :)


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Excel Function: RAND()
Downloadable Files: Excel File

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