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I'll teach you how to show gridlines for Excel when you print your files.

This is a neat little feature that will allow you to have a printed version of your Excel file that looks more like what you will see on your computer without having to manually create borders.

Here is our sample worksheet:

When we go to print preview it will look like this:

You can see on the right side of the image that there are no gridlines or borders of any sort.

Steps to Print Gridlines in Excel

  1. Go to the Page Layout tab and check the option Print inside the Sheet Options box on the right of the Ribbon menu:
  2. Hit Ctrl + P to print the document as usual, but this time the gridlines will appear.

Final result as viewed in the print preview:

And here is a screenshot of the full page:

This is a simple thing to do and, depending on your data set, it can help with the readability of the document.

Note that the gridlines only appear where you have data; Excel won't print an entire page in grid format by default if there is not data to show with it.

Downloadable Files: Excel File

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