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It is a frustration if your Excel calculation results show as #DIV/0!, especially if you are expecting to use this cell/range for other cells calculation. This "bad apple" is enough to make the whole calculations effort go into the drain. Why not to replace the #DIV/0! with something more meaningful, for example, zero or just a simple text "N/A".
If you are using MS Excel 2003 version and below, you can try this method:
= IF (ISERROR(A1), 0, A1)
This formula will return 0 (zero) if A1 has zero division error (or any other errors).
If you are using MS Excel 2007 (or above), you can try this method:
= IFERROR(0, A1)
This formula is doing the same as IF/ISERROR, returning 0.

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Excel Function: IF(), IFERROR(), ISERROR()

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